So it's been a pretty incredible four years managing BTB, and it's time I step down. I remember quite clearly starting the forum with queeriously and a band of other friends -- outlawed, manontheside, residentgringa. I wanted to start BTB because I had moved away from a community where I could talk about topics like those we address in this forum. Little did I know that BTB would connect me with many other people from quite literally around the world that shared that same desire for a connection centered around dialogue. I really couldn't be happier with how BTB has turned out.

BTB is being left in extremely capable hands. TheyCallMeVroom has contributed and managed BTB for some time, and has some really amazing ideas of how to make BTB more dynamic and interactive. I'm so excited to see how BTB develops in the coming years.

Even though I'm retiring, I may still contribute from time to time...and I'll certainly be reading the forum. Catch you on the flip side.


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