BELOW THE BELT is a multi-faceted genderblog designed to provide a space for informed, critical commentary about gender, sex, sexuality, and the many other aspects of gender facing people around the world.

Our bi-monthly and guest contributors each bring a unique tone to the blog and (like our visitors) are encouraged to engage themselves with the posts and start a discussion. We’re here not to agree with each other all the time, but to instead provide constructive critique and create a real dialogue.

Most of our contributors use avatars for publishing in order to create a more open environment for discussion, however we operate with a thin veil of anonymity. Any contributions made to the blog, either by way of larger posts or comments, should be made with mind to the reality of anonymity on the internet (meaning, it's not as anonymous as one might think).

Rules and Moderation

BELOW THE BELT reserves the right to moderate all posts and comments in order to maintain a safe environment for dialogue. It’s one thing to challenge boundaries constructively, and it’s another to create a caustic environment.

Views expressed in columns do not necessarily reflect the views of BTB and its other writers. BTB may predominantly feature writers of a certain political leaning, but we welcome applications from writers along a wide spectrum of views.

Of special note: pornographic pictures may not be posted, and links to pornographic material are only allowed if there is EXPLICIT mention that the link is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). We want people to theoretically be able to read BTB anywhere and not feel like they’ll “get caught”.

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Jetta Rae Robertson
Executive Editor
handle: theycallmevroom

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Theycallmevroom (aka Jetta Rae Robertson) is executive editor here at BTB, and waxes the poetic about art, media, and sports from a queer, trans feminine perspective. [email][feed]

Theory-Q is an editor here at BTB, and writes generally on queer theory, occasionally using news items to frame theoretical discussion. [email][feed]

Silverscreened writes about movies & television, providing critical analysis on shows and pop culture from feminist/gender/sexuality studies' angles. [email][feed]

Queerthestorm critiques LGBT and Queer movements, pushing for a more progressive movement that addresses the core issues in gender, sexuality and social activism. [email][feed]

TheBoyWhoScored writes about gender identity and sexuality from a trans masculine perspective. [email][feed]

Ac/Prac writes about feminist issues, with the goal of pushing for a more widely inclusive approach, which is relevant to all women of different countries and social backgrounds.

Emeritus Staff

Toughstuff (aka Matt Rafalow), former BTB editor, contributes as a general op-ed writer on topics such as masculinity, sexuality, and cultural reproduction. Toughstuff tends to take a sociological perspective in his posts. [email][feed]

Queeriously, former BTB editor and regular writer, contributes as a guest columnist while working full-time on his own blog, Scarlet Betch, and writing for other outlets such as The Bilerico Project. He also was the dame behind the column, AskFannie. [email][feed]


ch-changes - pre-transitional phases [e]
gendergypsy - androgyny
hokumandhex - marginal constructions [e]
libractivist - queer social justice [e]
princesspretty - femme as gender [e]
queeriously - op-ed [e]

[re]Tired Writers

afrodiosa - race/gender/Global South
alibee - media
ambisextrous - questions
askfannie - advice
binaryfairy - queer movements
biohazardbill - HIV/AIDS narratives
bookmonkey - book reviews
[f]embody - embodied experience
femipunditry - feminist pundit
gendergypsy - gender nomad
intellectualjailbait - intellectual musings
lewdandshrewd - sexual anthropology
missionaryposition - religion
manontheside - dating
NforNeville - news commentary
outlawed - social and political commentary
popularqueer - pop culture
residentgringa - mexico
socialworker - social worker
thatspritualguide - religion and masculinity
theinquisitor - interviews
tokenstr8dude - straight masculinity
transfeminist - trans feminism
lsgw - light-skinned girl wonder
virginityproject - first sexual experiences
weinerdog - fiction

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Sharing and Copyright

Works published on Below the Belt operate under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. All posts may be reposted with linkback to Below the Belt. For more information, please visit: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


The 2009 Reader is available to read online for free. Hard copies are available for donations of $20 or more in support of BTB.


If you with to interview a contributor or get in touch with Below the Belt regarding an administrative matter, please contact:

Jason Tseng
Director of Advancement

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Although none of us at BTB earn any income from our work here, there are site maintenance costs. If you are able, we truly value any contribution you can make to keep this blog running.

As of January 1, 2009, we will mail you a hard copy of the 2009 Reader for any donations of $20 or more. If you wish to receive a copy of the Reader, be sure to note your shipping address in the box for additional information.

Most sincerely,

Matthew H. Rafalow
Executive Editor
Handle: toughstuff

Jason F. Tseng
Director of Advancement
Handle: queeriously
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Below the Belt

Huzzah! We’ve finally launched Below the Belt, a multifaceted genderblog designed for the wannabe gender/sex scholar in us all.

The fact of the matter is…there are a shitload of us out there who are frustrated with the crap people let slide. I mean, who can actually watch 7th Heaven and not vomit every time Annie Camden opens her mouth? Why are we as a society obsessed with masculinity? And where are all the trannies hiding?

The question of what defines “natural” behavior is rarely addressed – when it is addressed, most people choose to ignore it. But we won’t. We celebrate the idea of discussing things that make us uncomfortable, like the details of sex and sexuality, hierarchies of attraction, trannies, gender-related surgery, and gender in its many other shapes and forms. We're not afraid to go below the waist. There are currently two stars of this blog, and the team will soon grow in number:

The first (myself) is toughstuff. I’ll be contributing op-ed style about anything that strikes my fancy. I usually rant a lot about intersections of gender and sexuality (particularly about masculinity), but those rants usually start when I see something in the world that catches my eye. Expect something on Bravo’s Work Out soon (I heart Jackie).

Next up is askfannie. Fannie’s the resident genderqueersex therapist, offering advice Q&A-style to those of us with relevant questions. She’s fabulous and blunt. Think your question is over the top? Perfect! Send it in to

Finally, we’re taking applications. If you’re nerdy about gender like we are and you’ve got a knack for writing, send an introduction and a sample blog post to

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