I hate hearing how "women aren't funny" and blah blah. Different people have different opinions on what is funny and what isn't. For example, I hate Family Guy. But some people find it hilarious. So I think the people that say "women aren't funny" either have a different sense of humor or haven't seen certain comedians (who happen to be female).

One such person I'd like to use this space to gush about is Sarah Haskins of Current. If you haven't seen her Target Women videos, they are hilarious.

I'm sure a lot of people (men) would write Sarah off as not funny. But I write Larry the Cable Guy off as not funny. Sarah cracks me up as both a woman and someone that works in marketing and also enjoys media studies. Commercials directed at women are ridiculous. Chocolate gives us orgasms, we have a relationship with our cleaning products, yogurt is the only food we ever need (other than chocolate) and women's skin care is serious-sounding fake science. Sarah says the things I think while watching TV, in night 3 1/2 minute bite-sized video segments.

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