Contrary to popular belief, loneliness is not all that glamorous; as a matter of fact loneliness comes at a major price, happiness. Human beings were never intended to be solitary creatures, the very fact that we’ve managed to persevere as a species for thousands of years without evolving sharp claws or other natural defenses proves that our survival is distinctly attributable to our sense of community. No exceptions. Now this blog entry is not intended to be a dissertation on the evolution of man, it is intended to highlight the fact that genderqueers, like other human beings, also need a sense of community even if a grand portion of our social peers still reject us.

I can’t speak for everybody out there, however I can confidently say that being genderqueer has never been easy for me, especially considering for most of my life I did not even know that my feelings could be vocalized in a word. I’ve always been androgynous, however growing up I never had access to a word that could shield me from falling under society’s prescribed label for deviants, "freak" (pleasant no?). As far back as I can remember I’ve had an eclectic appreciation for things in life, and that appreciation was never limited to things that were considered appropriate for a lad like myself. While I enjoyed playing outdoors and indulging in several boyish activities, I also appreciated things that were considered feminine: romance, fashion, aestheticism, and well eye makeup (naturally!!!); however, these eccentricities of mine were a first class ticket to the closet.

Little satisfaction comes from living in a dingy closet, so I began my foray into the scary world of self-expression and yet years later I find myself constantly starting over every time I move to a new city. I am currently living in Tallahassee, which has a fairly prominent lgbt community, however like most lgbt communities the lgbt lacks a gq. All too often we’re caste out of the lgbt community for not being gay and well I don’t need to mention why we get the boot from the “straight” community. While some of us lean towards the transgender community, there’s still something lacking and that is because our dissatisfaction with gender is greatly rooted in our refusal to accept a two-dimensional gender binary.

I am currently working with a group of like-minded souls to create a genderqueer presence in the the public eye. For those gender rebels out there who live in fear of social retribution, you’re not alone; I encourage you to take it upon yourself to lead the way in your community. We can all be leaders and while it is not easy, your bravery will be rewarded when you see the faces of those whom you’ve inspired. We can create a presence in our community and in so doing take over the world; so be the change you want to see in the world(I totally stole that from Gandhi).

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