Oh VH1, you've really out done yourself this time. I thought Rock of Love was a ridiculous glimpse of humanity. Now we have "Tool Academy." Here is the trailer if you haven't been (un)lucky enough to catch the show.

Does anyone else feel like they watched the most attractive episode ever of Jerry Springer?

I appreciate that at least this time, the show includes therapy, pointing out that the habits of these guys is not normal. But what kills me is that there's nothing for the women. The show seems all about changing the guys. What about changing the women? Yes, the men have issues and problems, but so do these women - they put up with these men. For some reason, they think they deserve guys who lie and cheat and spend a woman's child support money. But the show only seems to be directed at helping the men fix their problems, and not the women. I think just as much attention needs to be paid to helping them as well.

But, that doesn't play into the heteronormative culture of the US, does it? Women are defined by their man, otherwise they are spinsters, or sad lonely and neurotic. We see it in movies, on TV, in newspaper articles about abusive partners - it's normal for a woman to put up with pretty much anything rather than be alone. Once again, we see it on Tool Academy, and pay no mind to the thought of helping the woman with her issues. She has no issues! Her man does! Let's completely ignore the fact that these women have no self-worth, otherwise they never would have formed relationships with such "tools" in the first place.

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