I work for a Catholic organization. I was raised Catholic, I went to a Catholic school at some point during my education, I was married in the Catholic church. I am not a practicing Catholic (or practicing anything), but I've at least learned what to expect from Catholics.

I think the two "corporate" parts of Catholicism - healthcare (run by the nuns) and education (run by the priests) - are the only parts I can tolerate. At least these groups are out there DOING something. The roots of most Catholic hospitals and schools can be traced to some extremely humble beginnings, and I can honestly say my experience in both has left me hopeful.

Anyway, I had a moment at my work with my Catholic employer that left me extremely hopeful.

I am 100 percent pro-choice. My body = my decision. Your body = your decision. Against abortion = don't get one. Etc. But I've come to terms with the fact that the Catholic church is pro-life. This is the hidden part.

At least they are consistently pro-life, and don't pick and choose who is worthy of protecting (like those that are anti-abortion, yet support war and the death penalty).

Anyway, at my place of work, the Freedom of Choice Act came up. This is a proposed bill, that if passed, would force all hospital, even religious, to preform abortions. Obama has gone on record as supporting it. So the question was, what would happen to my company should that become law?

The formal answer was handled very well. It started by stating that the likelihood of that passing at this point was slim - Obama said that before the economy completely tanks, so his priorities have shifted, and it would never pass through Congress for him to even sign.

But, as a Catholic institution, we are pro-life. However, should it pass, that one procedure would not define us. We still have a mission to serve our communities.

But the answer went on, and this is where my feminist heart was warmed. As a compassionate organization, we should realize that for most women, abortion isn't A choice - sometimes it's the ONLY choice. We should be working to address that - supporting state-supported healthcare for children, food stamps, welfare, subsidized child care.

I almost cried. FINALLY, finally, a pro-life stance that makes sense. One that addresses what I wish the pro-life movement would address every time they spout their controlling BS. If you're going to be pro-life, awesome, but be PRO-life. Work to improve the LIFE of the child, not just ensuring it is born. Otherwise, you are simply anti-abortion.

And please, if you really are pro-LIFE, stop supporting the death penalty and war. Really. Because if you do, you can't call yourself pro-life.

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