The Inquisitor interviews Wienerdog!

Q: How do you identify sexually?
A: I identify as a heterosexual woman.

Q: How has your perception of your sexuality changed over the past five years?
A: It has definitely changed a lot. I didn’t really question my sexuality before college but I did while in college quite a bit. My questioning was not just about myself but about others, too.

I used to stress about my sexual identity and it was a challenge to reconcile the things that were confusing like certain feelings that don’t fit in a box.

Q: What do you think changed? Why did it go from anxiety provoking to not anxiety provoking?
A: When I was in college I didn’t have that many things that were anxiety provoking so my self was the whole thing. It’s still about me, but there are so many more things – like my career and other dreams….pie in the sky dreams that seemed would inevitably come to fruition don’t see that way anymore, so those things have sort of taken precedence over sexual identity and similar quandries.

Q: Are you in a relationship?
A: Yes.

Q: How would you characterize the roles that you and your boyfriend play within the bounds of your relationship?:
A : Pretty traditional: the male/female patriarchy sort (lol). They must be traditional because I don’t think about our gender roles.

I’ve gotten older and have more friends in relationships I notice a difference between myself and their heterosexual relationships. They have programmed needs to do certain things – get married, have children, etc. I don’t feel pressure to do any of these things…I just don’t feel like they’re part of my life right now. It freaks me out when I see my friends who do have this inclination. I still feel like a little girl compared to them; I’m still grappling with my adult-woman-life and all that that entails.

Q: How do you feel the fairly traditional gender roles that you and your boyfriend play affect your relationship?

I’m still young enough that sex isn’t about procreation for me, so I don’t feel any of these gender roles.

Even when I questioned my sexuality, I didn’t question my gender role. Even in brief same sex experiments with women, I still had the same gender role. I don’t know if that’s because I wasn’t gay, or why it was. Even when I was questioning my sexuality a lot, I never desired to play the male role, I preferred to be in the female role, to be pursued. As I think back about those relationships [same sex relationships] I was the more “girly” one, I wasn’t the aggressor. f your post.

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