Actually, everything’s really coming together.

We’ve had a terrific number of applications for contributors just within the past few days (the plan is to have eight). Ideally we’ll have a mini-calendar available so you can anticipate updates, and the welcome page will serve as a better navigating tool for each writer. Not only that, but I caught a whiff of askfannie's upcoming post, and it’s going to be a doosie!

Here's a preview of columns to come:

• Dating columnist
• Book reviews
• Gender journal from Mexico
• Gender journal from Israel
• Serial fiction

…But can we get back to how incredible Jackie Warner is? Last night I watched my favorite show, Work Out, and swooned over her for a solid hour. I could talk about how I like the show because its characters are diverse and several represent common gender-types in society and Jackie’s presence challenges the gender norms by creating a uniquely reappropriated system of gendered power…but can we instead just talk about how hot this show is?

I want to first note that Jesse and Doug are really cute. Part of why I like them is because together they do a great job of addressing a few gay generational differences. One of my favorite moments was when they "had it out" to talk about their shared drama. Jesse was apologizing for something and I thought Doug (albeit a plastered Doug) was going to cry. Instead he followed with the half-joking "Want to come home with me?...Are you top or bottom?" right-hook and I was a little bit shocked. It almost seems like Doug's comment summarizes how a significant portion of his generation of gay men communicate. In Doug's hayday, romantic relations between guys were almost entirely governed by role.

But mostly, Doug was just being adorable. And I still can't believe he's actually dead. And what I really can't believe is how the reason for his death isn't talked about at all, anywhere. In a [fantastic] interview with Jesse and Brian, they reference that he "had been sick". Just say it. AIDS. It does more harm to not say it.

But the real deal here is the Jackster. Every time she talks to a woman she finds even mildly attractive the flirting just unloads in buckets. The sexual tension between Jackie and other characters on the show is so exhilarating it almost makes up for the fact that (real) lesbian porn does not exist. Jackie should abandon her gym and start a new company called Sky Labia. Zing!

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