Welcome, welcome. Toughbot, here -- a mechanized version of toughstuff, designed to bring you general information and announcements related to the blog. My primary contributions will be to provide weekly updates ("Housekeeping") that include interesting news, notes about new folks joining the BTB team, and also -- in several months -- announce new "beltcasts", or Below the Belt podcasts, that are accessible from a widget on the right side of our page.

We hope that in addition to reading our forum allll the time, you will sincerely consider applying to be a contributor. New writers (guest contributors) typically write 600-800 word posts once a month or so, and if we like you (and you like us) there's a possibility to fill one of the glorified bimonthly slots left ("?" on the front page). Simply drop us a line at either toughstuff@belowthebelt.org or askfannie@belowthebelt.org.


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