Now, I'm sure it comes to no shock to any of our readers to hear that I have a long-standing ire for GLAAD. While I deeply resonate with the spirit of the organization, I have been astounded by the depths these people have been willing to stoop to achieve their goals. Don't get me wrong, GLAAD does a lot of good work. Their annual report detailing queer representation in mainstream media and entertainment it top notch qualitative information.

But these media awards have long been a cause for many an eye-roll. Case and point: The highest accolade given by GLAAD is their "Vanguard" award, meant to acknowledge "media professionals who, through their work, have increased the visibility and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community."

In 2007, the award went to Jennifer Frackin' Aniston. /facepalm. While being introduced, her accolades justifying this alleged "work" that benefited us queers was so laughably tangential I could scarcely believe my ears. GLAAD claimed that Friends was a "gay-friendly" show, and also mentioned her appearance in a Melissa Etheridge music video. The spectacular gaffe of Aniston was followed the next year by awarding the Vanguard award to... Janet Jackson. Yes, that Janet Jackson. Wardrobe malfunctions and all. /double facepalm.

As you can imagine, I couldn't wait to see what bottom feeder of the celebrity barrel GLAAD had managed to scrounge up for this year's Vanguard award. Upon learning it was Tyra Banks, my eyes started rolling once more... until I listened to her acceptance speech. Catch it after the jump.

Now, Tyrazilla aside. I actually thought GLAAD had redeemed themselves to an extent with their selection of Banks. She has actually been an active player in using her platforms, as seedy and ridiculous as they may be, to further queer people's rights. And nothing beats that the last part to her speech. "Child, I took that damn word... I put it in my pocket book and RAN with it!" /cue uncontrollable laughter with a triple snap. GRRRRLLL!! Also, did anyone else notice that she was workin' the 80s power suit, shoulder pads and all? Someone means BIZNAS!

Now I just wish someone would have wiped that Gaiken off of the stage. I'm sorry, but you need to be out of the closet for more than a hot second before you get to be paraded in front of any gay awards ceremony. Or do you?

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