We all know that racism abounds in America. I don't think anyone can say with any kind of authority that racism is behind us in this country. Sure, we've been making progress. But continue to have many mountains to hurdle.

This week seems to be filled with racial incidents. Just yesterday (the same day, might I add, that I post about my experiences with sexual racism in the gay community), while engaging in some retail therapy in H&M an employee turned to me and asked, "Hey, How do you say 'two' in... your language?" The question caught me off guard. I almost had to pinch myself because the situation was just so painfully stereotypical of ignorant American interaction with immigrant communities. I turned to the employee and said, "Two."

Now, I know that this woman had no intention of offending or othering me. But, with a tremendous amount of ease she was able to reinforce the fact that due to the shape of my eyes and the color of my skin, I was an outsider.

I was forwarded this video segment of Rep. Betty Brown of the Texas State Legislature who just astounds me with her profound ignorance of the Asian community. At one point she even suggests that the Asian community should adopt a name that is more easily dealt with by American officials. She also seems to forget that China is not a democracy and that, in general, it's impolite to refer to a constituency as "your people."

Witness and be appalled:

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