Gyno what?

Time and again I find myself in a social situation in which the question of sexuality arises and the whole room looks at me, that same question with which many gender deviants are all too well acquainted, "Are you gay or straight?" My answer every time is an emphatic "neither", and then of course they'll say "ah, you must be bi?" to which I of course say "No, I am a gynophile". Can you predict what question comes next?

Do not bother guessing. I will tell you, (refer to entry title) Well, random person, a gynophile is an individual with a love for/ or attraction to the female sex regardless of the individual's own physiological sex. For those of you who are wondering whether or not that makes me straight, the answer is still a resounding no. I am biologically male and a self-proclaimed androgyne who is in medical terms heterosexual, however, I refuse to identify as straight for I reject the heteronornative implications that it brings.

In our society the term "straight" often carries a defensive undertone which fundamentally asserts the normalcy and societal virtuosity of the straight identified subject. Macho males are especially guilty of hiding their true sexual and gender nature behind the fundamental insecurity of hiding behind the shield straightness. Its homophobic essence not only connotes the rightful nature of heterosexuality, it also promotes heteronormative behaviour subsequently condemning homosexuality and gender defiance to shame. The term itself is self-glorifying and dogmatic; its use is a very insult to our social intelligence.

In the past when I have made the poor judgment to identify as such, I did so with a nagging sensation that somehow it was a garment ill-fitting of my true self. As a gender deviant I've learned to reside in a no man's land that is too gay for the hetero world and too hetero for the gay world, however, I do so proudly and with no desire to make apologies.

For those readers who identify as straight, this post is not intended to be hateful or insulting, even though it is emotionally charged by its writer's own critical observations. Its intention is to make readers, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, consider the social values with which the word is loaded; perhaps after doing so readers may reconsider its use.

Consider this, there was no straight before there was gay.

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