This past Saturday, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, wed Marc Mezvinsky. Among the media coverage - official photos of the happy couple and the former first family, came the cries of "why does anyone care??" Waahh wah wah.

Personally, I think it boils down to two things... and maybe they are not the most pressing matters, but they make her wedding relevant. To me, at least.

1. Unlike many of her peers, Chelsea used the advantages that were handed to her in positive ways. Can you say that about every kid of famous parents? She is a role model to a generation lacking many quality role models.

2. The former ugling duckling is now a beautiful, happy, successful woman, leaving those who mocked her 15 years ago in our far, distant memories.

Our generation is inundated with images of kids who are famous for no other reason than their parents. First came Paris Hilton. Then the Kardashians - who have not one, but two shows, and now the media has given us even more vapid and worthless celebutants - the girls of Pretty Wild.

These kids (mostly women it seems ...) were raised with wealth, and I assume excellent educations and every opportunity imaginable. What did they do? They parlayed their privilege into the ultimate I'm-So-Privileged move possible these days - they starred in reality TV shows. That seems to be the only job available to the daughters of celebrities.

Why get a college education, or a real job, or contribute to society in a positive way for that matter, when they can just have their useless lives documented and edited into neat half-hour episodes of partying, yelling, whining, and generally mocking normal everyday people who have to work for a living. Why have real, meaningful romantic relationships when they can just latch onto to another reality TV star or athlete for roller coaster relationships and quickie marriages leading to quicker divorces? And, the cherry on top ... why not release a strategically timed sex tape! That of course shocks the "star" who claims she (always she!) never thought would be made public.

So it's refreshing that Chelsea Clinton took advantage of the fact that the best education in the world was available to her, and she received an Ivy league undergraduate education, and two masters degrees - one from Oxford, and one from Columbia University. Not too shabby. And, in addition to working, she volunteers and supported her mother's political campaigns.

Furthermore, when Chelsea was first daughter, she was mocked as the "ugly duckling." The teenage years are hard enough without having to live them in the public eye. Probably 2 percent of the population didn't feel awkward and ugly during the those years. In my mind, anyone who mocks a teenager for being awkward is insensitive and has a short memory.

Regardless, that may lead to some of the fascination that Chelsea turned into a gorgeous, confident young women. (As most young women do ... I mean, no offense, but with all the products available these days, it's hard not to "clean up well," especially when you have the confidence to carry it off, which is not hard to come by during your 20s and early 30s.) Remember one of those stupid reality make-over shows on Fox a few years ago? The Swan? Clearly there is a market out there for the formerly ugly, now a knock-out. There are entire episodes of talk shows dedicated to this very topic.

In addition, it's probably empowering for anyone (everyone) who was made fun of as a child and has overcome that awkwardness (everyone) to see someone who did it in the public eye get married. Because as we all know, [tongue planted firmly in cheek] marriage is only for pretty people.

In the end, I think it's not so much that Chelsea shed her "ugly duckling" but that she never seemed to care in the first place (well, anymore than the average teenager). Chelsea's always been mature for her age, and while yes, she does look great, that's not all she is. Unlike another reality TV stars (yes, I really do hate [most of] them!) Heidi Montag, who reportedly has had extreme amounts of plastic surgery to overcome self esteem issues, Chelsea just dealt with awkwardness like the rest of us until she grew out of it and came out the other side smart, driven and ultimately a success in her own right.

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