The GOP has put the first women on their presidential ticket. Amazing, no? Well, not really, when you consider this woman is anti-woman .... anti-anyone who isn't a gun-toting, oil-loving, abstinence-only-teaching, "intelligent design"-believing, whitey mcwhite. Status quo all the way.

Surprise surprise, her world of abstinence-only education has resulted in a 17-year-old pregnant umarried daughter. What a success! And would you believe she's keeping the baby (well of course she is, otherwise this wouldn't have made into the media).

Samantha Bee of The Daily Show makes an interesting point about Republicans and that funny little word "choice"

Women like Sarah Palin frustrate me as a pro-choice, liberal feminist. Sarah Palin rose to where she is on the shoulder of feminists. The right to vote. The right to work AND be a mother. The right to choose to have five children. The right to own a gun (well, I doubt the feminists directly fought for that, but there is property ownership). And what does Palin do? Does she work hard to secure a bright future for the current generation of young women? Does she work for affordable healthcare, affordable daycare, the right to control our own bodies?

Why is it so hard for Republicans to admit that Bristol Palin made a CHOICE to have her baby, and that it was her CHOICE to make. Of course in their mind she made the "right" choice, but it was still her choice.

Sarah Palin would rather I cut out my uterus and just hand it over today for the Republican party to control.

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