Sydney joins us from Single in the City:

After a full day of work, I decided to treat myself and get a massage. The Relaxing Indian massage sounded nice. I was given this paper like g-string (at least it was large) and was told to lie down. Pretty normal. So the guy starts working on my legs and then moves up to my butt. Hmmm…I do not remember asking for the buttocks shiatsu. He puts my legs in pretty compromising positions. I can feel his hands getting close to my crotch. Again I wonder if relaxing=happy ending massage in India? Was something lost in translation?

Massages are in themselves pretty homo erotic acts. I mean you have one guy semi naked and the other guy is sensually rubbing oil all over his body. This was not the first time a massage therapist went down under on me (not fully)…you just know it does not feel right. He puts his crotch next to my face as if to say...wanna play?

I am never “up” during massages…I am way too relax. I move the towel to cover up. I mean a) I have a boyfriend b) I want a massage not a hand job c) refer to a d) my friend had an interesting body odour and e) I’m not attracted at all to him. I wonder why he thought my buttocks were under all that pressure?

While my ass was getting relaxed, I could not help but think about sex…and sex roles. I was having a conversation with my younger gay bro Shane about this last week. He was in a relationship where he had to change his sexual roles. I always say two bottoms do not make a top, but can you change your sexual role preferences? Can another person make you a top? Or a bottom?

I myself tend to believe everyone is born one or the other....sure you can be versatile...but most prefer one. I prefer one role but I must admit that from time to time I do enjoy trying something new. And can you tell who’s what? Shane reckons that emotionally driven people are bottoms. Others think that feminine guys are always bottoms. I find that is never the case…I’ve met butch muscle boys who would bend over in a second and limp wrist-ed queens who will fuck anything in sight!

In India at least roles are very defined or so says Hussein. “Total tops” in India are guys that only fuck..they won’t suck or kiss. All they do is bend you over …and total tops are not considered gay at all. Only those in the receptive role are fully considered gay in India. So if you take it up the are a true queen.

So my massage ends…and no happy ending…and no tip either! I enjoyed it but I was too distracted by where this guy was going to fully relax and that is the point of a massage…at least for me.

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