Theycallmevroom (aka Jetta Rae Robertson) is executive editor here at BTB, and waxes the poetic about art, media, and sports from a queer, trans feminine perspective. [email][feed]

Theory-Q is an editor here at BTB, and writes generally on queer theory, occasionally using news items to frame theoretical discussion. [email][feed]

Silverscreened writes about movies & television, providing critical analysis on shows and pop culture from feminist/gender/sexuality studies' angles. [email][feed]

Queerthestorm critiques LGBT and Queer movements, pushing for a more progressive movement that addresses the core issues in gender, sexuality and social activism. [email][feed]

TheBoyWhoScored writes about gender identity and sexuality from a trans masculine perspective. [email][feed]

Ac/Prac writes about feminist issues, with the goal of pushing for a more widely inclusive approach, which is relevant to all women of different countries and social backgrounds.

Emeritus Staff

Toughstuff (aka Matt Rafalow), former BTB editor, contributes as a general op-ed writer on topics such as masculinity, sexuality, and cultural reproduction. Toughstuff tends to take a sociological perspective in his posts. [email][feed]

Queeriously, former BTB editor and regular writer, contributes as a guest columnist while working full-time on his own blog, Scarlet Betch, and writing for other outlets such as The Bilerico Project. He also was the dame behind the column, AskFannie. [email][feed]


ch-changes - pre-transitional phases [e]
gendergypsy - androgyny
hokumandhex - marginal constructions [e]
libractivist - queer social justice [e]
princesspretty - femme as gender [e]
queeriously - op-ed [e]

[re]Tired Writers

afrodiosa - race/gender/Global South
alibee - media
ambisextrous - questions
askfannie - advice
binaryfairy - queer movements
biohazardbill - HIV/AIDS narratives
bookmonkey - book reviews
[f]embody - embodied experience
femipunditry - feminist pundit
gendergypsy - gender nomad
intellectualjailbait - intellectual musings
lewdandshrewd - sexual anthropology
missionaryposition - religion
manontheside - dating
NforNeville - news commentary
outlawed - social and political commentary
popularqueer - pop culture
residentgringa - mexico
socialworker - social worker
thatspritualguide - religion and masculinity
theinquisitor - interviews
tokenstr8dude - straight masculinity
transfeminist - trans feminism
lsgw - light-skinned girl wonder
virginityproject - first sexual experiences
weinerdog - fiction

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