Visited a couple grad program tables at the prospective grad student section of the conference, then ran over to an event called Sexual Communities/Sexual Politics. Lots of really, really cool discussion about the definition of sexual community. Really interested in a model that Adam Greene (prof. at Univ. of Toronto) discussed which incorporates external and internal processes to explain the flow of a sexual community. He talked about certain gay communities in ways we talk about a lot on this forum (sexual racism, body fascism, etc.), and added a new way of approaching this discussion.

Then went to a smaller roundtable where I thought we were going to talk about a specific topic listed on the program, but then 2 out of the 3 presenters didn't show up for their own roundtable. Kinda stinky. But then proceeded to have a great presentation by the one participant and also a really productive discussion with the other people at the table. I really underestimated the importance of these smaller, less formal events. Makes me excited for my own roundtable presentation tomorrow.

Off to the grad student reception!

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