Not entirely unexpected but deeply unfortunate news comes out of California this afternoon. The California Supreme Court announced its ruling on the challenge to Proposition 8 by Same-Sex Marriage activists, who argued that the voter referendum constituted a revisal of the Constitution rather than an amendment. A revisal would have required a full vote of the legislature in addition to a vote from the people. However, the court also ruled that those same-sex marriages performed during the time when it was legal in California will remain valid marriages.

Two steps back, one step forward. Now, the only avenues for same-sex marriage in California will be through another state-wide voter referendum, or through federal policy.

You can read the majority opinion, yourself, here.

There are several rallies and protests around the nation. Check out to find your own. Those of you in New York City can find info here. Act up and join your queer siblings in pushing for marriage rights!

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