I would like to be the first to welcome everyone to the new Below the Belt! While our old layout served us well for nearly two years, we strongly believe that the new image gives us a really terrific edge we've been craving. That and, well, we really like stick-figures with pink superhero capes.

I'd like to take a minute and do something completely unique to BTB history -- lift the veil of anonymity on two major forces behind the operation of this forum. Jason Tseng is the Director of Advancement here, responsible for many of the blog's administrative matters, development and public relations (basically, everything). And then there's me, Matt Rafalow, the Executive Editor. I work with new and continuing writers and manage content on a daily basis. You can find out more about us and the other contributors on our Contributors page.

While we largely see ourselves as a service-oriented organization (providing a safe space for critical commentary and dialogue), we are planning to take on a number of really terrific projects in the coming months that will aim at taking more of a leadership role in how we all approach our topics. Most notable will be an e-zine called the Below the Belt Reader. Stay tuned for more details about that soon.

Although the readers and writers of Below the Belt represent an interesting, semi-anonymous mix of intellectuals, genderbenders, and more, our resolution for the New Year is to strive to create a stronger sense of community. Yes, the internet can be posed as a disconnected means by which to engage, but we also recognize its powers to organize and build camaraderie.

So put on that cape and join us for the ride. We're all gendery superheroes in our own right, but put those forces together and we can really push the boundaries.

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