I know CNN has been on a slow decline in terms of "hard hitting journalism," but good lord .... what the heck is going on? Two videos on their site today hardy seem CNN-worthy:


Red Carpet Report: The House Bunny
(Why does CNN even have a red carpet report?)

Britney Spears' new diet!
(complete with nutritional commentary from the accesshollywood.com correspondent - because clearly she is an expert)

What the hell? Two complete fluff pieces that reinforce extreme heteronormativity.

Now, I love me some Anna Faris. And for some odd reason, I find myself drawn to Girls Next Door when I am channel-surfing and it is on. But I watch the show with a grain of salt. Maybe it does celebrate "women's beauty," but what an odd form of beauty. Plastic, tan, plastic, blonde, plastic .... what are we really honoring? If anything, the plastic surgeons and spa workers should be celebrated.

And Britney. Not only is her weight loss complete fluff news, the coverage is a complete sham. Not one but TWO correspondents chimed in with the CNN reporter (the accesshollywood.com/apparent nutritionist and a VH1 reporter).

But what really gets me is why CNN, what used to be a true news source, feels the need to latch on to this crap. Perhaps I should turn to other sources for true journalism and actual news, but when did CNN become so much like Fox News? Not only is the "news" not really news, and the coverage spotty at best, but the reports .... holy NILFs (newscasters I'd like to [four letter word] ... thanks Daily Show). But that gets into a whole other can of worms. I'll give CNN some credit - at least it's not just the female reporters that are young and attractive. At least they're not pairing hot blondes with crusty old men.

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