Fannie's Farewell

Below the Belt is now one year and eight months old, we’ve had over 100,000 unique readers from around the world, and been host to twenty-three amazing writers across 284 posts. Our writers, regulars and guests alike, have started some amazing discussions – from talks about racial fetishes to bug chasing to trans social politics to tirades about gay sexuality and sexism in Mexico.

As with every publication, we expect writers and readers to come and go over time…but one writer in particular will be shoving off, and we have to make a note. After thoughtfully answering over 40 questions, Fannie will be retiring her tiara at BTB as a regular columnist, and will join us on a more infrequent basis as a guest contributor. Come back often, Fannie!

Looking to the future, we welcome new regular contributors – [f]embody, silverscreened and tokenstr8dude! And for those of you out there itching for a platform to make your voice heard, drop me a line!


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