Below the Belt

Huzzah! We’ve finally launched Below the Belt, a multifaceted genderblog designed for the wannabe gender/sex scholar in us all.

The fact of the matter is…there are a shitload of us out there who are frustrated with the crap people let slide. I mean, who can actually watch 7th Heaven and not vomit every time Annie Camden opens her mouth? Why are we as a society obsessed with masculinity? And where are all the trannies hiding?

The question of what defines “natural” behavior is rarely addressed – when it is addressed, most people choose to ignore it. But we won’t. We celebrate the idea of discussing things that make us uncomfortable, like the details of sex and sexuality, hierarchies of attraction, trannies, gender-related surgery, and gender in its many other shapes and forms. We're not afraid to go below the waist. There are currently two stars of this blog, and the team will soon grow in number:

The first (myself) is toughstuff. I’ll be contributing op-ed style about anything that strikes my fancy. I usually rant a lot about intersections of gender and sexuality (particularly about masculinity), but those rants usually start when I see something in the world that catches my eye. Expect something on Bravo’s Work Out soon (I heart Jackie).

Next up is askfannie. Fannie’s the resident genderqueersex therapist, offering advice Q&A-style to those of us with relevant questions. She’s fabulous and blunt. Think your question is over the top? Perfect! Send it in to askfannie@gmail.com.

Finally, we’re taking applications. If you’re nerdy about gender like we are and you’ve got a knack for writing, send an introduction and a sample blog post to stuff.tough@gmail.com.


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